Open a Free Demat Account with No Annual Charges

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What is Demat Account?

Demat or Dematerialized Accounts are the modern and electronic variants of theearlier paper-based accounts. Dematerialization or the process of converting physical shares into electronic form is shortened to ‘Demat’ accounts.

Demat account serve the all-important purpose of storing your investment products in electronic form and allowing you to trade or invest on-the-go.

Think of Demat Accounts as the regular savings account of a bank, except Demat is for stock market investments. You need to have a Demat to be able to participate in the capital markets, besides it provides hassle-free trading, with zero paperwork involved.

Demat Account have to opened via the 2 depositories, CDSL and NSDL. These depositories come under the supervision of Market regulator, SEBI.

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