A Marvellous Stay in The Royal Woods Manali

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Kulu, Himachal Pradesh
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2 months ago
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We take you on a journey to a wonderland of breezes, leaves,and stars during the BestSeason for Manali Visit. Get up feeling invigorated andrefreshed every morning—experience waking up in the heart of India’s wealthiestwoodlands and reconnecting with your spirit. This resort will enchant you withthe beautiful sounds of chirping birds and the snow-covered peaks of the Dhauladharand Pir Panjal ranges. It will provide you with some much-needed peace andquiet away from the noise and crowds of the busy town of Manali. 

We provide top-notch hospitality around apple orchards andsurrounded by Pine trees. Experience the beauty and mystery of nature at TheRoyal Woods Resort by AarohamResorts, i.e. the BestVilla in Manali, where we offer delicious vegetariancuisine. Take a walk around the spacious cabins and enjoy the views of themountains from outside on the balcony. Then, look out the window and see allthe beauty that surrounds you. If you're looking for an extraordinary diningexperience, try organic vegetarian food from the farms. This way, you can enjoythe tastes of the countryside in a very personal way at the Luxury Villas in Manali.

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