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Alena roy


If you still water your MacBook with water orsomething else, don’t panic, we’ll tell you what needs to be done to save thelaptop and to prevent as much as possible serious consequences from gettingmoisture before arriving at the service center.

We should not forget that any electronics is not designedfor contact with water, and its components (boards, circuits) react veryquickly, the count goes on seconds!

So, first of all, you need to calm down, then proceed toresuscitation:

water damage macbook  in dubai

Step 1 . Turn off your Macbook  as quickly as possibleby pressing and holding the power button!
Step 2 . Disconnect it from the network and peripherals (if they are connected)

Step 3 . Take paper towels or towels and wipe the liquid asfar as possible. Option No. 2 - we turn the laptop upside down with thekeyboard and put it open on a towel on the edge of the table (the keyboard lieson the table, the screen hangs).

Step 4 . If you have a screwdriver at hand, quickly turnthe laptop over, unscrew the screws securing the back cover, and remove thebattery.
Step 5 . We urgently take the MacBook to a service center or call a courier tothe house for professional Macbook air repair water damage indubai   prevention or troubleshooting.

We all love to drink coffee, tea, beer,wine or just water while playing games, watching movies, surfing the Internetor working at a macbook pro water . At the same time, we rarely reflect on thefact that one careless movement is enough for all this liquid to appear on anopen laptop, which will very quickly fail after such “water procedures”. Also,in addition to the traditional overturning of cups or glasses, often the causeof corrosion of internal elements, short circuits, swollen batteries and otherbreakdowns are wet hands that are not wiped off after washing, themacbook  gets wet in the rain, and the laptop stays in waterdamage macbook in dubai high humidity (in the bathroom, forexample) etc.

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