AK Sharma

AK Sharma


CDG is an independenttechnical service company and has expert knowledge and experience in providing:inspection & testing services. CDG has been providing inspectionservices continuously for more than 10 years.

Our core values are safety, quality, and integrity.We focus on delivering a total solution to any inspection needs whileintegrating our services with our customers’ operations and schedules. Throughan independent and objective attitude we strive for customer satisfaction byproviding services that not only meet but exceed expectations and internationalstandards. With our expertise, we are more than capable to support ourinternational clients. CDG’s philosophy is to provide individual attention toclient sand to build long term relationships. We have a small businesstradition where our reputation, integrity, quality and service is as important tous as our commercial returns.

Our main inspection services are :

Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI)
Final Random Inspection (FRI)
During Production Quality Checking(DURPRO)
In-Line Production Inspection.
Factory Audit (FA)
Workshop and Ware House Inspection or Survey
Container Loading Supervision
Ship Loading Inspection survey



CDG has over 10 years ofexperience across the sourcing and manufacturing sectors within Asia. We arenow based in the emerging manufacturing powerhouse that is India as we haveseen a strong shift from both small and large firms to this rapidly developingcountry.
We are available as your trusted partner here in India, ensuring your productsare the highest of quality with the least amount of hassle. We understand theintricacies of dealing with factories in Asia and provide solutions notproblems to our clients.

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