Anil Matai

Anil Matai


The company name Novem Fores NaturelleLifestyle Pvt. Ltd., the first two words Novem (Latin) means NINE and Fores(Latin) means (DOORS) in English and that’s how our Brand NINE DOORS® was born. In such a controlled life, in which ourdeliberations are changed, we live happily within the city of nine doors. Thenine doors are mentioned as follows:

nava-dvāre pure dehī

The body consists of nine doors (thetwo eyes, two nostrils, two ears, one mouth, one genital, one rectum). Theliving entity in his conditioned stage identifies himself with the body, butwhen he identifies himself with the Lord within himself, he becomes just asfree as the Lord, even while in the body." (Śvetāśvatara Upaniad 3.18). According to one branch of Hindu philosophy,there are nine universal substances, Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether, Time, Space,Soul, and Mind. 


At Nine Doors we manufacture Herbal Products by using centuries old Hindu science of therapeutics known as Ayurveda.  We have infused modern & classical formulations based on the true classical Ayurveda preparation. We maintain judiciously the safety and efficacy of Ayurvedic principles. We have explored the market and have a basic understanding that the people have trouble finding-premium herbal products as far as skin care, hair care , joint and muscle care.We have a complete range of personal skin care products like handmade soaps,lip balms, lotions, cream, and scrubs with Ayurvedic properties. We also have hair care solution like hair oil, shampoo bar, herbal hair colour products. Last but not the least we have the perfect solution for your joints and muscle care oil. These entire products have excellent Ayurveda properties to the herbal ingredients infused in proper proportion.

At NineDoors we emphasize in creating the perfect balance of the nine elemental energies in the universe with human body.We have been using plants based ingredients for achieving better health and restoring back one’s health to normalcy without any worry about side effects.


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